The IBM i Business Apps of 2016

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December 12, 2016 Disaster Recovery News Blog

IBM i users are a dedicated bunch. While some users are building their IBM i business apps specifically around their IBM i platform, others are enjoying the functionality of IBM i with a variety of different apps.

What exactly are users running on their platforms? With the help of the 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey by HelpSystems, we address this exact question.

2016’s IBM i Business Apps

IBM i is a platform that users are willing to mold their IT operations around. In fact, more than a fourth (25.4%) of users are running homegrown applications on their IBM i. Of the other applications listed, users opted for Infor (26.3%), Oracle (12.1%), SAP (7.2%), and Fiserv (3%). Surprisingly, the majority of users are running a business application that was not listed in the survey (38.1%), demonstrating just how highly compatible IBM i is.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t limit yourself to running only popular or well-known applications. Choose whatever works best with your business setup, and you’ll likely find that it’s compatible with your IBM i, too.

Homegrown Vs. Vendor-Made

While homegrown apps ensure that your company has a tailored solution, vendor-made solutions can make maintenance and upkeep simple and worry-free. That being said, many vendors constrain companies to a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Even if they do offer some customizability, that doesn’t mean they can tailor their solutions to meet your company’s unique needs.

According to NetworkWorld, one serious pitfall to homegrown apps is increased susceptibility to downtime. In addition, like any technology, customized solutions can soon become out of date or obsolete. This means having the expertise to maintain them and keep them up to date is essential, whether in-house or through a third party.

For these reasons, the best solution is a balance between build” and “buy,” even if it means building your own critical applications and supplementing them with services from a third party, like disaster recovery (DR) or high availability (HA).

RECOMMENDATION: Be sure to keep the interface of homegrown apps up to date. This will improve usability and keep an old app from seeming dated, without needing to make any serious changes to the app itself.

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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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