Top IT Goals and Statistics for IBM i (AS400) Users

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Wondering what IT goals are being considered by IBM i (AS400) users for the next 5-10 years? Here we provide statistics that reveal where IBM i users are focusing for the years to come – and some good directions for your company to look at, too.


The Most Common IT Goals

Companies are primarily focusing on two things:

  1. Improving the end user experience,
  1. And investing in modern technology.

53.6% of users stated that modernizing their applications is a project that they are currently working on. After that, SQL database access was a popular choice claiming 38.1% of users. Next in line was high availability (HA) with 27.7% of users currently working to eliminate downtime.

Addressing security concerns also continues to be a popular IT goal, with 31.7% of users working on enhancing their data’s safety. Meanwhile, 26.6% are putting their efforts towards business analytics beyond Query/400, 20.7% are focusing on evaluating business applications to ensure effectiveness, and 19.9% are looking at document management to stay organized and efficient in the face of data growth. Mobile access is growing as a new trend in all industries, with 23.4% working on it.

While only 17.5% of users stated working on combating IBM i skills depletion, this is likely because those who have already modernized their systems or are in the process of doing so are less concerned with this issue.

RECOMMENDATION: Before your company starts moving in any direction, consider consulting experts in the field to clarify what exactly your company should do next and how to go about doing it.


Popular Programs That Are Already Implemented

It’s not surprising that AS400 users’ top goals look a lot like their list of programs that are already completed, as some companies have reached their goals sooner than others.

Current statistics state:

  • 62.2% of users have completed programs for more effective SQL database access
  • 46.6% of companies have completed RPG application modernization projects
  • 42.5% have implemented programs addressing security concerns
  • 34.1% addressed analytics or business intelligence beyond Query/400
  • 33.6% handled concerns with document management
  • 21.8% have established mobile access to IBM i data
  • 12.8% completed work on cloud computing
  • 9.4% worked on social media
  • 13% did not complete any programs

The fact that security concerns have become a serious issue is exemplified by the large percentage of companies that have already implemented programs to enhance their data security. Mobile access is a new project for many IBM i/AS400 users, so while fewer companies have already accomplished this goal, an increasing number of companies are adding it to their to-do lists. Considering the benefits and cost-savings coming from cloud computing, this number is likely to increase as well.

RECOMMENDATION: Be dedicated to your data security. Ensuring that your data is safe takes persistent effort. Audit your security configuration at least annually to ensure that your system is as safe as it should be, including meeting regulatory compliance for your security configuration and security policy.

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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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