IBM i Data Centers In 2016

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The Results Are In: IBM i Data Centers In 2016

Looking at the state of today’s IBM i data centers will help you create and evaluate future IT projects.

The Current State of Things

Version 7.1 is currently the most popular primary operating system (OS), with 67.2% of users claiming it as their primary OS. That being said, usage of the most recent OS – version 7.2 – has almost quadrupled since last year’s survey (currently in 2nd place at 14.5%), indicating that companies are making the switch to newer technology. Users of earlier versions are declining, especially since IBM stopped supporting version 6.1 in September 2015.

Users continue to show commitment to the IBM platform by investing in newer IBM Power servers, such as POWER8. While most of those polled still indicate that they use POWER7 (62.4%), usage of POWER8 has increased (to 23.1%) and POWER6 has decreased (also to 23.1%).

BASELINE’S RECOMMENDATION: POWER8 can be a valuable investment for your company. While users can expect at least a 50% CPW improvement with POWER8 compared to POWER7, they will also benefit from improvements in memory bandwidth and system I/O, making this a change worth considering.

Other Operating Systems

Windows isn’t as popular as you might think, with only 70.4% of companies running Windows in their data centers. IBM i is the second most popular OS, with 26% using it. Other companies reported using AIX on separate Power servers (14.8%), AIX with IBM i on power servers (9.5%), Linux on separate Power servers (4.7%), Linux on Power servers (7%), and Linux on x86 servers (29.6%).

BASELINE’S RECOMMENDATION: Don’t underestimate the power of POWER8 hardware. You can run Linux and AIX partitions right along with your IBM i, in addition to managing Windows servers.

Storage and Capacity

IBM i can handle a lot of data. Most users (33.2%) manage about 2-5 terabytes (TBs) of disk space with their IBM i systems. Since IBM i is also commonly used for transaction-based data such as retail, manufacturing, and finance, it’s no surprise that such a large portion of companies (24.8%) manage less than 1 TB of data with IBM i, since structured data takes up less space. Meanwhile, 20.7% manage 6-15 TBs, 8.9% manage 16-30 TBs, 4.8% manage 30-50 TBs, and 7.6% manage 50+.

IBM enhanced server capacity, resulting in less servers being run and over a third (34.7%) of IBM i users running on only one server. This is also likely due to users taking advantage of disk partitioning to run multiple programs, operating systems or applications. 52.3% reported reliance on 2-5 servers, while 7% rely on 6-10, and 4.7% rely on more than 10.

BASELINE’S RECOMMENDATION: Fully utilize the space on your computer. Wasted disk space can bring down the performance of backups, high availability (HA), and have many more negative effects on your systems.

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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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