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June 7, 2016 Disaster Recovery Blog, Disaster Recovery News Blog, Legacy System Blog Articles

2016 is the year to refocus your IT efforts on creating a more effective environment. In this article, we see what companies identified as their major IBM i issues and IT concerns for the next 5-10 years. The results reveal what companies – including yours – should focus on improving.

Keeping It Modern

The largest number of users – 58.3% – stated that modernizing applications was a serious concern for their company. Another major concern was IBM i skills depletion, with 37.7% of users recognizing it as an issue. For any legacy system user this is probably of little surprise; older systems come with older programming and hardware in a sea of new IT updates and upgrades. Today there are much fewer companies with the expertise to work with legacy IBM systems.

To modernize their systems, many IBM i users consider incremental modernization and data migration. Migrating your data to a hosted solution, like a private cloud, greatly reduces operational expenses while keeping things up to date. This is because with hosted solutions, like Baseline’s private cloud¸ you don’t need to worry about managing new hardware or software – the host handles all of it for you.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t limit yourself to a “one size fits all” approach. It’s critical to meet with experts in the field to ensure that the right solution is chosen for your unique IT environment.


Availability, Security, and Growth

Other major concerns for companies boiled down to system management and accessibility. Among these issues, the most popular concern for companies was high availability (HA) – in other words, effective business continuity and downtime elimination. Almost 40% of users said that this was a major concern for them, followed by 37.7% for mobile access, 33.8% for data growth, and 33.1% for security.

It’s no surprise that companies are concerned with the availability and security of their data, considering the number of cyber-attacks, security breaches, and stringent laws affecting companies today. With IBM i specifically, these concerns can be amplified by IBM i skills depletion.

RECOMMENDATION: Keep your systems modern to ensure that you retain experienced team members and appeal to new ones – this will be helpful to avoid skills depletion. Make sure this is accounted for in your budget; cutting corners here will haunt you in the future.

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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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