Working With the MIMIX Interface for IBM i Data Replication

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May 26, 2017 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

Your systems might be complex, but keeping them secure and available can be simple. See why the MIMIX interface makes monitoring and managing your systems easy.


The Vision Solutions Portal & System Monitoring

You might think there’s nothing worse than having something go wrong with your company’s IT systems. However, having a false sense of security with a solution that doesn’t work is much, much worse.

That’s where MIMIX comes in.

MIMIX Availability gives companies access to the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP), an intuitive, browser-based interface for system monitoring and management. The VSP home page provides users with at-a-glance monitoring of system statuses, and unique color-coding for each enterprise level status display. Users can also customize the view of their VSP by selecting “portlets,” which can be arranged visually to provide a personalized viewpoint for configuring, monitoring and managing your environment. For remote monitoring, use can also receive email notifications of MIMIX events for essential flexibility with lights-out monitoring.

The VSP is also very secure, and gives administrators control of which users can sign on to the interface and whether they can configure the interface or just monitor the system. Standardized views can also be configured for use by groups of users. Product-level security is honored by the VSP to determine which users can perform actions, such as switching from one server to another.


Helpful System Management With the MIMIX Interface

Who hasn’t hit the “help” button and found a bunch of vague, non-specific answers to questions that don’t help your situation? To put an end to helpless “help” systems, MIMIX gives you context-sensitive answers for your critical questions. The VSP also has push technology to ensure that the interface is always running off of the most current state of affairs. The help system is also equipped with fly-over notes, providing administrators with information at their fingertips so you don’t waste time searching for much-needed answers.

The VSP is built on an industry-standard portal architecture, and users can take advantage of this highly configurable setup to customize their systems simply and effectively. From the home page, users can click on any status to get detailed information, as well as configure and manage your environment. Status information is also prioritized based on status condition (bad to good), with smart prompting to assist administrators in taking necessary action to resolve important issues.


For more information on how to use MIMIX replication software for your IBM i, or for how to use the MIMIX interface, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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