How MIMIX iOptimize Improves IBM i Performance

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May 17, 2017 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles, Regulatory Compliance Blog

Having a healthy production server is key to effective high availability (HA). See how MIMIX Availability’s iOptimize feature makes it easy to improve IBM i performance for your systems.


Automated Checks and Reports

iOptimize automatically and constantly checks the state of your IT environment to ensure that storage and performance are performing optimally. This means that broad platform optimization is an integrated feature of your high availability (HA) solutions with MIMIX. iOptimize does so much for your systems that many hardware upgrades can actually be deferred, which also increases your hardware return on investment (ROI).

While iOptimize is running it automatically generates a comprehensive set of over 70 graphical health reports on the status of jobs, objects, resource use, and more. These can be opened in the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) interface, allowing administrators and managers to take action directly from the metrics given. With so much accessible information, administrators have the ultimate power to make critical decisions about their systems at a moment’s notice.

These graphs can be exported easily for comparison and to show trends, or to demonstrate that compliance has been met with disk and CPU service-level agreements (SLAs).


The (Many) Benefits

With iOptimize, users get faster replication with less latency, and a more efficient environment with maximized storage utilization. Users can configure their iOptimize to automatically issue alerts, to run tasks either on-demand or on a schedule, and to track progress of each and every task. This also improves application response times by minimizing requirements for temporary storage, in addition to disk and processer requirements.

With MIMIX iOptimize, your systems benefit from:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Enhanced HA mirroring
  • Graphical health reports
  • Maximized hardware ROI
  • Shortened batch job run times
  • Better interactive response times
  • Minimized nightly backup run times
  • Improved CPU, disk and memory usage


The Benefits, In-Depth

You can utilize iOptimize for tasks like Audit and Analysis, Compliance Support, Change Analysis, and Metrics, which give you cross-reference information and continuous surveillance to monitor your systems. You can also monitor changes at multiple levels, such as domain, library, object, profile, and job accounting.

To move beyond monitoring the current state of your systems, users can take advantage of the forecast feature to estimate object growth and system requirements, making capacity planning much easier. iOptimize even gives you recommendations on how to improve your systems; users can choose from proactive setting thresholds and parameters that can be implemented easily, or recommendations for “best courses of action” for disk and CPU usage which can be accepted, rejected or modified. Enacting proactive planning for direct access storage devices (DASDs) is another option you can take advantage of.

iOptimize is just one of many everyday helpful features that come with MIMIX HA software, and one of the many reasons Baseline uses MIMIX to keep your IBM i systems secure and downtime-resistant.

For more information on how to optimize IBM i performance for your systems, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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