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December 10, 2015 High Availability Blog Articles

When it comes to business continuity for virtual machines (VMs), Zerto technology gives businesses the flexibility and security they need. Coupled with Baseline Data Service’s high availability solutions and expertise in layer 2 communications, we can virtually eliminate the threat of downtime and maximize your business’ resiliency in almost any scenario.

Zerto in a Nutshell

From television to e-mails, books, and banking – day by day, our environments are becoming increasingly virtualized. This is especially true in the business world, where companies are making the switch from physical servers to virtual machines. While many other replication technologies are stuck in the past, Zerto caters to virtualized infrastructures, providing enterprise-level data replication that sets companies up for high availability (HA) solutions and effective business continuity. With Zerto technology, your company’s data is replicated within seconds, giving you the lowest possible recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). Zerto software is specifically engineered for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, giving cutting-edge technology exactly what it needs to stand up to today’s 24/7/365 business environment.


Key Benefits

With Zerto technology, your company gains:

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Customizability
  • Eliminated downtime



We use Zerto technology to keep your company secure in a variety of ways. First and foremost, we can replicate your data to the target of your choice, including Baseline’s private cloud environment located in our geographically secure, highly managed and audited facility. Data that is replicated from the production site is encrypted and monitored to ensure that it arrives securely at the target. This also keeps your company’s data secure from the threats of downtime and data loss by ensuring that your business can keep functioning in almost any scenario through failover to the target server.



Zerto allows you to replicate what you need, when you need it. Companies have the ability to choose between recovery of one, all, or just a subset of virtualized applications. In other words, you can recover more than just data; you can group whichever VMs you choose so you can consistently replicate and restore entire applications when you need them. This can also be done at multiple sites, so that all branches of a corporation are protected. Plus, with the help of our unique expertise in layer 2 communications, you can take advantage of partial failover solutions in the event that only one critical server or application goes offline.



Zerto is a scalable solution, usable by companies of any size regardless of growth. Companies are constantly acquiring new customers and new data, and their replication solution needs to be able to keep pace with these changes. Because Zerto is software-based it can be deployed and managed easily, without the need to purchase, install, or configure additional hardware.



The frequency with which your data is replicated can be customized to your exact specifications; if you want your data replicated within seconds (compared to minutes), then the target site will have the most recent version of your data which it can use to take over in case of a disaster. Zerto is also array agnostic, meaning that it can replicate from any storage source to any storage destination. This allows for customized HA, clustering, and the ability to locate and replicate volumes in motion. Plus, you can choose and group which VMs to replicate and restore, allowing for revival of entire applications of your choice in the order you need them.


Eliminated downtime

Possibly the most appealing aspect of Zerto technology is that it virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime for VMs through its integration with HA solutions. If the production site goes offline, you can switch over to the backup server with your most recently replicated data and then seamlessly run production from there. This keeps your business-critical applications and servers running 24/7/365. Most of the replication process is automated, ensuring that it occurs simply and unobtrusively. It might sound too good to believe, but installing Zerto only takes minutes, with no downtime and no need to make any changes to your storage or server infrastructure.


Partnered For the Best Results

When it comes to business continuity, data replication is the only way to make sure that your business-critical functions can continue uninterrupted, no matter what. To ensure that your company can stand up to downtime ranging from causes like natural disasters, hardware or software failure, human error, or even scheduled maintenance, you need a technology that can keep your business resilient. When it comes to VMs, Zerto is this technology. Here at Baseline Data Services, we use Zerto technology to ensure that your business maximizes uptime and minimizes downtime, no matter what.

Zerto is simple, but powerful. It provides replication coupled with recovery tools to automate your recovery and failover solutions. When the production site goes back online, the servers synchronize and you can switch back to the production site as if nothing happened. Customers don’t know that there was ever a crisis, and employees can keep on serving current customers and acquiring new ones. Together, Baseline Data Services and Zerto technology provide the most effective solution for business continuity of virtualized infrastructures.

If you need a replication solution for business continuity that keeps pace with your constantly changing virtualized environment, contact Baseline today at 317-707-3941.

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