IBM AIX Intro to Double-Take Replication Software

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October 15, 2015 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

The best solutions grow and change with your company’s environment. That’s why many businesses opt for Double-Take Availability to replicate their IBM AIX systems.

Double-Take software lays a strong foundation for high availability (HA) solutions. It sets companies up for automated failover to a target server during a disaster with real-time replication and point-in-time recovery capabilities. With these redundant data stores, companies also get a second copy of data to improve the speed, reliability and convenience of tape backups, reporting, maintenance and testing.


Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) Integration

Double-Take has an integrated portal that provides companies with a status dashboard and notifications about the health of their IT environment. The VSP also notifies team members through a wide range of event notifications if any important system events happen. Literally at your fingertips, this portal simplifies monitoring of otherwise complex environments.

While too much software in today’s marketplace is overwhelming to work with, the VSP in Double-Take stands out for its intuitiveness and ease-of-use. Even a staff member with limited knowledge of your AIX systems would be fully capable of failing over to your target server in the event of a disaster. On top of that, Double-Take supports replication to two different targets, so you can even choose which one you prefer for failover.


Zero Downtime During Installation and Configuration

With Double-Take you move straight from installation → configuration → replication, with no application downtime for non-clustered apps. You maintain the same uptime, then add Double-Take to your arsenal of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions.


Bottom Line

Double-Take for IBM AIX is a scalable and intuitive replication software that can enhance your physical, virtual and cloud AIX solutions, particularly HA and DR.


For more information on how Double-Take Availability works with and improves your IBM AIX environment, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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