IBM i Return on Investment and Core Usage Statistics

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October 18, 2016 Disaster Recovery News Blog, Legacy System Blog Articles

How much are companies actually putting in and getting back from their systems? Here we take a look at the place IBM i holds in company’s core business usage and IBM i return on investment (ROI).


IBM i Core Business Usage

IBM i’s presence in the workplace can’t go unnoticed, with over 75% of users running over half of their core business on their IBM i platform.

More specifically:

  • 45.8% of users run 76100% of their core operations on IBM i
  • 29.4% of users run 51-75%
  • 12.7% of users run 25-50%
  • 12.1% of users run < 25%

This shows just how dependent businesses are on their IBM i systems, and this dependency has been stable for years. Considering how users feel about their systems’ return on investment (ROI), this isn’t surprising.

RECOMMENDATION: IBM i can be a great and reliable platform for core business usage because of its high level of compatibility with business-critical solutions, like as disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA).


IBM i Return on Investment

Customer satisfaction with IBM i is overwhelmingly high. In fact, 94.2% of users believe that their IBM i servers give them a better ROI than other servers. On top of that, nearly 76% of those polled work in heterogeneous IT environments, giving them the knowledge to truly compare IBM i with other platforms.

This high level of customer satisfaction has also remained consistent, showing that IBM i customer satisfaction and ROI is something users can really rely on.

RECOMMENDATION: High customer satisfaction with any product should definitely be taken note of – don’t feel shy about sharing this information with the IT professionals that you work with.


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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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