IBM i Future Outlook

March 28, 2017 Disaster Recovery News Blog, Legacy System Blog Articles

What do IBM i users have planned? Will users migrate to newer platforms, keep the status quo, or something in between? Here we cover the IBM i outlook for the years to come.


What the Future Holds

While 45.3% of users don’t plan on making any change to their IBM i platform, another 21.9% plan on increasing their IBM i footprint.

Meanwhile, 12.1% of users are opting to migrate some applications to a new platform, while another 12.1% are uncertain of what the future holds. The fewest number of users plan on migrating all of their applications to a newer platform (8.5%).

Overall, more operations are moving to IBM i than away from it. Considering how users feel about the platform’s return on investment (with 94.2% of users believing that their IBM i servers gives them more ROI than other servers), this isn’t such a surprise.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t consider IBM i as a legacy platform that is simply fading away. IBM i is a platform that has been growing and is continuing to grow, and it has become one of the most effective platforms in the computing industry.


The Direction of Change

For those who are migrating to a different platform, most users are choosing to switch to Windows (63%), followed by Linux (31%) and AIX (6%). 52.2% of users plan on making this change within 2 years, 40.6% in 5 years, 5.8% in more than 5 years, and 1.5% are undecided.

One of the leading motivators for users moving away from the IBM i platform is avoiding skills depletion. Because IBM i has been around for so long, many workers with the required expertise have retired or moved on to other projects, while new employees are typically trained in newer systems. Another issue user’s face is integrating old and new technologies. For instance, integrating IBM i solutions with Windows can be done, but users may find it simpler to migrate to Windows entirely.

Whether migrating is worth the loss companies face by forfeiting their IBM i systems is another debate entirely.

RECOMMENDATION: Updating your system isn’t a process that should be rushed. Because systems like IBM i usually run company’s critical operations, rushing the process can be risky, or result in holes in the new system.


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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems


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