How Updating IBM i Ensures System Reliability

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November 10, 2015 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

Reliable Replication and Recovery of IBM Power Systems

Movies were predicted to be the death of television, television the death of radio, and radio the death of the newspaper. However, as we all know, both the classic newspaper and the family television set continue living on. Much in the same way, IBM Power Systems has survived the evolution of other technologies and operating platforms, and for a good reason. This platform serves a function that can’t quite be replaced by the newer technologies – reliability, consistency and effectiveness in business-critical functioning proven by decades of use. But how does your IBM i system face the meteoric threat of data loss and downtime that can bring your company to a halt?

The Threats to Your IBM Platform

Every company is at risk for data loss and downtime, regardless of company size, geographical location, or confidence in its IT staff. When business-critical data is lost or business-critical functioning is unavailable, both the company’s revenue and reputation are crippled. While all companies face this threat, those running on legacy platforms face a unique difficulty: as technologies evolve, expertise involving older platforms is becoming harder to find.

One possible solution would be to update to a newer platform. But after facing the risk of losing data in a failed update, pouring money into new software and hardware, and spending all of the time to make the change, you often see that your new system is just delivering more of the same. So how do you integrate your legacy technology with newer data recovery solutions? Allow us to fill in the gap.

At Baseline Data Services, we use MIMIX software to provide your IBM i platform with high availability (HA) solutions because of its many features that keep your systems running 24/7/365:

  • MIMIX virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime by detecting when the primary system becomes unavailable and, at your command, automatically failing over to the backup system
  • MIMIX will automatically resynchronize the two servers by replicating any changes made on the secondary system, allowing you to seamlessly switch back to the primary system after the disaster
  • MIMIX is cost-effective and scalable for companies of any size, providing the highest levels of usability, performance, and readiness
  • Constant data checking ensures data integrity and a perfect transition between your normal server and your secondary system after disasters (unplanned downtime) or maintenance (planned downtime)

Updating Your IBM i Environment

To survive the changing IT environment in the business world, your system has to adapt. Downtime and data loss are two threats that could mean the death of your data and your company. Here at Baseline, we use MIMIX technology to perform replication failover, which provides scalable, real-time data replication that is accessible at the push of a button. This keeps your company working at optimal levels in the face of planned or unplanned downtime, allowing you to modernize your legacy system and hybridize it with new technology.

We provide:

  • Target hardware in the Baseline private cloud that we monitor and maintain
  • Maximized HA/DR flexibility and management for IBM i
  • Protection from expensive downtime and data loss
  • Multiple solutions for private cloud data storage
  • Scalable solutions that provide room for growth
  • A cost-effective recovery solution

With our replication failover solutions, your recovery point objective (RPO) is nearly immediate, and your recovery time objective (RTO) is less than one hour. With our disaster recovery (DR) solutions, your data can weather any storm. We host your data in a private cloud that is highly audited, accessible, managed and monitored. With MIMIX software and Baseline’s recovery solutions, you can replicate between any combination of server models, storage types and IBM i OS levels in our cloud environment. This allows the best HA/DR for IBM i, with proven effectiveness from the companies MIMIX has saved in more than 20 years on the market.

Disasters can and do happen to any company, at any time, regardless of state, region, or company size. At Baseline Data Services, we are a trusted and seamless extension of your IT staff. We allow you to modernize your platform, rather than replacing it. Allow us to ensure the safety of your data so you can rest easy, grab a copy of your favorite newspaper or turn on the TV, and know that your company’s data and reputation will be safe in the event of a disaster.


For more information on updating IBM i and incorporating reliable data replication, contact us today at (317) 707-3941.

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