IBM i Data Replication with MIMIX: How It’s Done & What It Does For You

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November 10, 2015 High Availability Blog Articles, Legacy System Blog Articles

IBM operating systems (iSeries/AS400, AIX, Power) have survived the evolution of many other technologies and platforms, and for a good reason. These platforms have tried-and-trusted functionality, with decades of use to prove it. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure that these systems are secure and available, and why we work to effectively minimize data loss and downtime for IBM iSeries and AIX. See how. 


New Expertise for Old Systems

Every company is at risk for data loss and downtime, regardless of company size, geographical location, or confidence in its IT staff. Companies running on legacy IBM platforms also face a unique challenge: as technologies and workplaces evolve, expertise in older platforms becomes harder to find. 

So how do you integrate legacy technology with new data availability and security solutions? At Baseline, we use special MIMIX software to replicate IBM system data, and to keep your systems and applications highly available (HA). 


How MIMIX Replicates IBM i Data

We use MIMIX to keep your systems highly available and minimize downtime in 4 ways: 

  1. MIMIX detects when the primary system becomes unavailable and can automatically fail over to the backup system, virtually eliminating planned and unplanned downtime. 
  1. Systems are automatically synchronized by replicating any changes made on the secondary system back to the primary system, allowing you to seamlessly switch back after the disaster. 
  1. MIMIX is scalable for companies of any size, including those with changing data loads (like from company growth, or during peak seasons). 
  1. Constant data checking ensures data integrity and a perfect transition between your normal server and your secondary system after disasters (unplanned downtime) or maintenance (planned downtime). 


The Results

Our IBM i data replication solutions keep your company working seamlessly in the face of planned or unplanned downtime. We modernize your legacy system and hybridize it with new technology. 

With our replication solutions for IBM iSeries and AIX, your recovery point objective (RPO) is nearly immediate, and your recovery time objective (RTO) can be less than one hour. With our disaster recovery (DR) solutions, your data will not only be available in the face of downtime, but resilient to the disasters that cause downtime as well (and beware – HA cannot substitute for DR!). 

With over 20 years on the market, these solutions have proven effectiveness and reliability, just like your IBM systems themselves (ask us about it, we’d love to tell you about the crazy scenarios these solutions have made it through). You can also replicate between any combination of server models, storage types and IBM i OS levels in our cloud environment. With our private cloud computing solutions your business’ availability will be as good as it can get (and check out this article on 4 good reasons you should make the switch to private cloud computing ASAP). 


For more information on IBM i data replication for your unique setup, contact us today at (317) 707-3941.

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