How MIMIX Self-Audits And Ensures IBM i Data Integrity

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August 11, 2017 Legacy System Blog Articles

Having a solution that doesn’t perform when you need it to is just as effective as having no solution at all. That’s the philosophy behind MIMIX’s self-audit feature. By automatically self-auditing data as it is replicated, MIMIX ensures its integrity, and your confidence in switching to your failover system. See how.


How Audits Ensure Your IBM i Data Integrity

Data integrity and switch confidence are essential for high availability (HA) solutions.

To maintain IBM i data integrity, replication solutions must be monitored to ensure that replicated objects don’t become out of sync with the production system. If this does occur, having monitoring in place can ensure that it is fixed immediately.

By auditing data as it is replicated, MIMIX ensures it’s in sync while being copied to the target server. These self-audits provide confidence that the integrity of your recovery server is intact, and that switches will complete successfully and reliably. Advanced autonomics then search for errors in the replicated data, which are automatically corrected if found.


Schedule or Prioritize Audit Frequency

You can customize how MIMIX audits are run by either putting them on a schedule, or assigning each replicated object a priority.

Scheduled audits are regularly performed as frequently as you determine, providing comprehensive object-level reviews of replicated data. If anything becomes out of sync, MIMIX automatically recognizes and repairs it, returning your data to a synchronized and secure state. Scheduled audits are low-maintenance and reliable.

With priority-based audits, an audit status is assigned to each individual object which determines its audit frequency. Audit frequency can also be customized for new, changed, and unchanged objects, as well as objects that have been repeatedly audited in the past without any discrepancies. With priority-based audits, less auditing is needed to maintain synchronization. They also improve system performance since they tend to complete quicker and more efficiently, which means that priority-based audits are especially useful for very large environments.


How MIMIX Provides Extra Security

In addition to thoroughly checking your data as it is copied to your recovery server, MIMIX also continuously monitors your data once it has reached its destination. If any unauthorized changes occur, administrators are immediately notified, with each change linked to the identity of the user that made it. This happens because MIMIX works in real time, detecting object changes on the recovery server exactly as they happen. As a result, users also have the option to repair objects as errors take place, instead of waiting for the next scheduled audit. 

These solutions are powerful, and scalable. Coupled with a reliable high availability solution, your company can get the best in enterprise-level downtime resilience, no matter its size. 


For more information on how to ensure your IBM i data integrity and security, contact us today at 317-707-3941.


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