Modernizing Your IBM i (AS400)

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January 9, 2017 Legacy System Blog Articles

Between the varied languages used for new developments and constantly changing interfaces, there are more ways than one companies are modernizing IBM i systems.


Development Languages

IBM i users are continuing to move towards the use of newer languages. In 2016, 73.7% of users affirmed using SQL in their new developments. Meanwhile, 53.7% of users are using CLP, followed by Java with 44.1%, .NET with 24.5%, and 21.7% for PHP. The least popular choices were C++ (15.6%) and COBOL (14.3%).

RECOMMENDATION: Be flexible. While RPG is commonly considered the best programming language for IBM i, this shouldn’t downplay the effectiveness of other languages as well. For instance, new staff members may prefer to use different or newer languages, rather than working from a green screen editor.


Green Screen, Graphical Interfaces, & Web Interfaces

While usage of green screen is decreasing, reliance on web interfaces is increasing. Now only 33.5% of users rely on green screen alone. Meanwhile, 23.9% of users rely on both green screen and a graphical interface, and 23.3% rely on both green screen and a web interface. As companies continue to focus on mobile accessibility, it is predicted that green screen use will continue to decrease, while useage of web interfaces grows.

While 11.4% of users have applications that are primarily web based, 8% have primarily graphical applications. Web interfaces save IT staff members a significant amount of time by cutting out the need to install and maintain software on unique computers. Since the entire interface is encompassed in the web, this provides a one-stop-shop for maintenance and management. As a result, the use of graphical applications is also expected to decline, being replaced by web interfaces instead.

RECOMMENDATION: If your company is undertaking a mobile initiative, consider using web-based applications rather than graphical interfaces or green screen. This can save your IT department time, effort, and expense on maintenance and management.


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Source: 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results by HelpSystems

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