Disaster Recovery and Layer 2 Communications Explained

November 19, 2015 Networking Blog Articles

Does your current disaster recovery plan allow partial data failover and recovery of business-critical data? Most plans are all-or-nothing due to complicated networking. How then do you streamline data communication effectively when only one server crashes, but other servers are still depending on it?

Partial Server Recovery

One of the most critical aspects for any company is having protected and secure data transferred between multiple locations. Layer 2 communications is an imperative networking solution that revolutionizes how a business functions on a day-to-day basis. For example, in the event of an email server failure, you can’t let your entire company come to a screeching halt just because your email isn’t working. With layer 2 communications, your server will be up and running within seconds, even during the busiest hours of your workday. All accessible within your local area network.

What Are Layer 2 Communications?

Layer 2 communications allows critical data from your business to travel through a secure and scalable network configuration, directly connecting your business’ IT environment to its target destination. This is essential to the maintenance of business-critical applications and the transfer of information between these applications and other interfaces that depend on them.

Layer 2 Communications Provide:

  • Partial failover of individual servers.
  • Communication between multiple interfaces.
  • Encrypted, secure, and scalable data delivery service.
  • Flow control, preventing errors in transmission.
  • Error detection and prevention in data sending.
  • Synchronization of multiple frames of data.

These features help prevent errors in the transmission of your data, which could interfere with your business operations. Layer 2 communications allow your data to get where it needs to go, when it needs to be there, without being delayed along the way.

Layer 2 Communications Coupled with Replication Solutions

As businesses continue to grow and change, it is imperative that your networking solution does the same. Layer 2 communications is one of many important, flexible, and efficient features provided by Baseline Data Services. Without a reliable networking solution, a company would be held back from evolving and performing at its optimum level when an inevitable failure occurs.

Benefits of Layer 2 Communications Include:

  • Simplified data storage and recovery
  • Fewer engineers are required to maintain storage and recovery efficiency
  • Better handling of any-to-any traffic patterns (e.g. voice and video)
  • Creates a secure network by being privately run and accessible only to subscribers
  • Provides complete control over switching and routing between company branches
  • Constant monitoring allows configuration and problem prevention
  • Interconnects multiple sites without changing operating system configurations
  • Built-in Quality of Service (QoS), so latency-sensitive traffic (e.g. voice or video) is treated with preference over less sensitive traffic

Layer 2 communications is an essential tool that every business should have under their belt. It makes sure that your data gets where it needs to be safely and on-time because, after all, effective data communication is essential. Sometimes tricky engineering makes for simplified disaster recovery, and Baseline Data Services strives to make your disaster recovery plan just that, simple. There is always room for improvement, so if you want your business-critical applications in production to collaborate effectively along a secure and scalable network configuration, contact us today.

To learn more about layer 2 communication and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with Baseline at (317) 707-3941.

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