Frequent Questions

Baseline Data Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I declare a disaster, or put Baseline on disaster alert?

Baseline is on-call and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to disasters. During standard business hours (M-F 9:00am-5:00pm EST), please call our main office at 317-707-3941. After hours or on holidays, call the same number but follow the prompts to leave a message in the Disaster Recovery Emergency mailbox. Provide a brief description of the incident, and our engineers will immediately be paged to respond.

Why do companies contact Baseline?

Here are the most common reasons:

  • My tape backup product is outdated, too slow or unreliable. I need a secure solution from a reliable company. (Baseline offers an online data protection service that is easy-to-use, and data is completely secure and encrypted.)
  • I don’t have the staff or expertise to recover all of our critical servers, especially if our families are affected during a natural disaster. (Baseline’s staff becomes an extension to your existing team.)
  • The current recovery plan only accounts for our mainframe. However, we have other servers that need to be included, such as email and active directory. (We back up every server and application that you designate as a critical component within your network.)
  • My current DR provider has inflexible contract terms. If we do not contact them six months in advance, they automatically renew our contract for years. (Who conducts business like that? Our terms are flexible, customer-friendly and easy to understand.)

How can I reduce operating expenses by hosting my server backups at Baseline?

Baseline can host virtual versions of your physical servers, saving you the expense of remote physical equipment purchases. In addition, your backups may be restored to Baseline’s shared resources, both physical and virtual, which saves you the expense of remote physical equipment purchases.

What do RTO and RPO stand for?

RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective, and is quantified as the time requirement to recover from a disaster (and to have your servers up and running again). RPO refers to Recovery Point Objective and relates to the amount of ‘acceptable’ data that can be lost without a major effect on your operation. Both objectives are important factors, and should be customized to fit your organizational requirements within a formal disaster recovery plan.

How can virtualization technology at Baseline improve my RTO and RPO?

Virtual servers can be provisioned in minutes. Physical server configurations can take hours to complete. Another aspect to consider: since virtual machines exist as files, which may be backed up to Baseline, those files can be quickly restored to virtualization hosts and brought online (without the headache of mismatched physical hardware between the original and restored machines).